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8:09 PM - Monday, Mar. 05, 2007
Movin' On
Yeah, long time no update but I’ve been a busy gal. We are moving into our new house this weekend—Yay!! The family has been down and we had a painting party. They got all the walls done so Greg and I have just had to finish up the trim. The new dishwasher, countertops and range hood are in. The electrician finally finished up today with the new outlet in the bathroom and the new junction box for a ceiling fan in the living room. The kitchen is wood paneled. We’ve done the living room in a light sage color, the bathroom in taupe and our bedroom in a deep amethyst. Shelby’s room is a pale yellow that will look so pretty with all her Classic Pooh décor. Greg and I have finished most of her trim today and tomorrow hope to finish up in the living room. The bathroom is taking longer because Greg had to remove the ugly mirrors and shelves, patch and prep the wall, and install the pretty new brushed nickel light fixture he got me. I picked out a white medicine cabinet that matches the white storage cabinets we already had. The kitchen floors are 12 inch tile, nice. The rest of the house is hardwood. It’s in pretty poor shape in places but Becky is supposed to come out one day this week after work to help me fix them up with Rejuvinate. We want to get it done before move in day but that may, or may not happen. Becky and I took Shelby on her first shopping spree to Old Time Pottery. The girl loves to shop, lol! She can ride around contentedly in the buggy for ages anywhere but seems to enjoy Target the best for some reason. At OTP we found a floral fabric that matches my living room perfectly so we got it and Greg is going to build me a cornice for the living room window and then I’ll upholster it with the fabric. It’s a huge cut, 6 yards so Becky is going to use the leftovers for a chair she wants to recover. I found some really pretty black and white pottery that will look nice with my black and white toile bed set, and a set of candle holders with plum colored glass tops. Everything’s going to look so pretty! I just can’t wait to get moved in, I’m exhausted. Greg worked doubles all last week so I have packed up almost the whole house by myself. Shelby has the sniffles so packing has been an even bigger chore. She’s doing better now though since her Daddy went out and bought her a Vicks Vaporizer. It has really helped so much. I just can’t believe she’s going to be 3 months old in just a few days. She gets cuter every day, I swear! She loves to “talk”. She talks to me, to Greg, to her toys, it’s adorable. Since she’s been sick she’s been sleeping in the bed with me. She loves it, I just hope she takes back to her crib easily once she’s all cleared up. Yesterday she was napping in our bed while Greg and I were stuffed onto the daybed in her room trying to nap with Belle sprawled on top of us. It would have been quite amusing to see the tiniest little member of the family sprawled out in the queen size bed while all the big folks squeezed into the twin size! Oh well, our little princess comes first. :)



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